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Featured Posts

Online Shopping – Everyone Loves it!

When it comes to shopping, more and more consumers are doing it over the Internet instead of heading to brick and mortar stores. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that in a UPS Survey of online shoppers, 70% of respondents prefer to shop their favorite retailer on the web. If your business isn’t currently […]

How Many Social Media Accounts Do I Need?

There are an exorbitant amount of social media platforms on the web these days. Managing all of your accounts can be exhausting and, in some cases, a full time job! But how do you know which social media networks to join and how much time to spend on each? The answer is that it varies […]

Tips for Creating a LinkedIn Profile

If you’re not yet on LinkedIn, now is the time to get your profile set up! It’s an excellent tool for networking as well as for engaging your followers with company news, updates and events. Here are a few tips to help you create a LinkedIn profile for your business. Showcase What You Offer LinkedIn […]

Should I Hire a Professional Writer?

If you’re small business owner, chances are you have asked yourself if you should hire a professional writer to handle copy for PR, blogs, your website, etc. It’s a great question and it’s good to ask yourself what a writer can do for your company. Here are some ways that your business could benefit from […]

The Importance of Having a Custom Marketing Strategy

These days, it’s growing more and more important to have a marketing strategy that is tailored around your specific business. Consumer values have changed and now people are looking to companies that have a solid, well-developed identity and course. That is what drives consumer interest and brand loyalty and without a thorough and well thought […]