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6 Changes Your 2015 SEO Strategy Must Focus On

SEO is constantly changing. New updates are released, new trends are discussed and new strategies are developed. It is something that will constantly evolve.In 2014 alone, there have already been 13 updates to Google’s algorithm, according to Moz’s change history. These are just the notable and more public ones — there are refreshes and changes […]

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. It is a format for delivering changing web content to users. Many news sites, blogs and other online publishing channels syndicate content as an RSS Feed in order to make it easily available to consumers that are interested in it.   If you use the web regularly, an RSS […]

How Women Use Social Media

Almost all companies – especially e-commerce companies – recognize how important it is to appeal to women. Women are responsible for purchasing the bulk of household goods, clothing and more. Now that social media is such an important part of marketing strategy, it’s even more crucial that brands find ways of relating to women via […]

What is Podcasting?

You may have stumbled upon the term “Podcasting” lately and wondered what it was – it’s a hot topic! Podcasts are digital media files, usually audio but sometimes video, that are produced in a series. Listeners can subscribe to podcasts on a computer or mobile device in order to listen to them wherever you like. […]

What is Google+?

GooglePlus is a social media site but it has more to offer than you might think at first glance. It’s an excellent tool for human connection and is a great resource for small businesses. It launched in 2011 and has become one of the most active social networks in the world.   It’s tempting to […]